Cheese brining machinery

We supply tailor made cheese brining machinery for every situation. We produce deep brining systems and surface brining systems. Making the right choice for your business will generally dependupon your specific situation: the location, the height of the building, capacity and other factors. Our brining systems are suitable for a wide variety of cheeses. For example: Gouda, Edammer and Emmentaler.

Deep brining system

The most used system in chees dairies are deep brining systems. Deep brining systems offer in a lot of European country’s better isolation. They are designed to brine many cheeses at once and are generally used for cheeses with a long brining time and for cheese lines with a high capacity.

With deep brining we work with in-ground cages. The brine cages are placed into a brine bath by means of an overhead crane. The size of our brining systems can be adjusted to the capacity of the cheese production. We offer the most efficient cooling and uniform salt uptake methods available.

Surface brining system

Surface brining systems work with above-ground cages. These systems are particularly applied for cheeses with a short brining time. The density of the brine will cause the surface of the cheese to float above the brine. To obtain an even absorption of the brine, the cheese must be immersed regularly. This can be done by hand or by means of a special roller.


Our brining systems can be equipped with several features:

  • A circulation system, which comprises of brine and a circulation pump. 
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Automatic loading
  • Time monitoring
  • Space saving designs
  •  Minimal operator requirements
  • All stainless steel design
  • Energy efficient
  • Fully automated systems available
  • Cheese brining containers
  • Salt dissolving system
  • Cheese loading and unloading station
  • And more

We are happy to answer any questions!

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