Dairy equipment overhaul

The overhaul and improvement of dairy equipment is in trusted hands with the skilled men of Scherjon Dairy Equipment. As a manufacturer of dairy equipment, we repair, revise and modify scherjon machines and machine parts.

The solution to extend the lifetime of your machine

We overhaul worn parts, replace controls and pumps and check every part of the machine thoroughly. Maintenance and overhaul ensures stable production, extends the lifetime of your machines substantially and  keeps machine costs low

Overhaul and repair on site or in our workshop

Parts that are the subject of wearing, like bearing blocks and sealing functions are most likely to be replaced. The overhaul and repair of machines, machine parts and components are carried out on site or in our workshop in Surhuisterveen. We overhaul various brands and types of pumps, reducers, centrifuges, heat exchangers, high-pressure pumps, electric motors, cylinders, separators and homogenizers. We also adjust the machines and run tests.

We can carry out repairs or minor overhauls on site if u wish. Complete revisions are carried out in our workshop in Surhuisterveen.

The overhaul of Scherjon dairy equipment: the process

A complete overhaul of your machines is an excellent solution when the machine is somewhat outdated but not yet due for replacement. After a complete overhaul, your production process is efficient, safe and meets current requirements.

The process:

  • Disassembling the complete machine;
  • Full inspection of all parts;
  • Repair or replacement of parts that do not meet the technically required specifications;
  • Completely replace electrical components and cabling;
  • Complete renewal (on your situation of application) of the control so that it meets the applicable standards.

Scherjon dairy equipment overhaul

If you are interested in a re-conditioned machine or even if you have a special request, we will discuss the possibilities and help you to find a proper solution. Please contact us for more information at info@scherjon.nl.