Cheese vat 3300 Liters

The Scherjon Cheese vat, is a batch wise and automatically operating machine for automatic cheese production.

A capacity of 3300 Litres

Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland produces cheese-vats with different capacities. After consultation with the costumer, we can develop cheese vats based on the individual wishes and needs of this costumer. This cheese vat has a capacity of 3300 Liters. Our goal is to supply our costumers with costum built cheese vats. An easy solution to double the capacity, is to add a second cheese vat. This has a positive outcome on the amount of daily processed milk.

The PLC of the cheese-vat contains numerous recipes, just press the button and the desired recipe will be selected by the computer. We make sure the cheese maker is in control of the entire process. Each of our fully enclosed, stainless steel cheese makers meets stringent hygiene standards, provides high process security and is equipped with a patented whey discharger system.


-High standard of Hygiene
-Excellent reproducibility
-Even curd size distribution
-Fully automatic process
-Excellent herb distribution
-Very reliable