Dairy plant layout

Scherjon is an expert in making a dairy plant layout for different types of factory’s till 100.000 liter. A good plant layout is of great importance of your production process. The machines should be placed apart at sufficient distance to allow movement for cleaning, operation and monitoring. As far as possible, sequencing of equipment should follow the process layout. Scherjon created plant layouts for small and large cheese factories. Minimum holding of product during production is another aspect of consideration.

A good plant layout

The Development of  a good plant layout should fulfil the following objectives:

  • Improve or facilitate production operation,
  • Minimize material handling
  • Have flexibility of operation for alterations and expansions,
  • Make labour utilization effective,
  • Make effective utilization of by-products,
  • Provide convenience and comfort for employees,
  • Ensure proper cleaning, operation and monitoring of processes
  • Prevent cross contamination

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