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Scherjon Dairy Equipment is unique

  • Are you curious about what makes Scherjon Dairy..

All steps of cheese production

  • All steps of cheese production

Zuivelapparatuur voor de zuivelindustrie

Equipment – 15.000 liters of milk per day.

  • Equipment – 15.000 liters of milk per day

Revolutairy design for a contidrain

  • We are currently working on a revolutionary design for a contidrain. This machine makes continuous cheese processing..

Mobile Milk Processing Container

  • To meet our customers’ needs Scherjon Dairy Equipment developed a mobile milk processing container and introduced it at the Money Harvest Expo in..

NEW Vertical cheese filling machine

  • The vertical cheese filling machine is a new innovation of Scherjon. This equipment separates whey and curds in a column, in which the whey is..

New and improved cheese vat

  • Better techniques and new development have led to the production of a new and improved cheese vat. Scherjon is supplier of high quality dairy..

Opening of cheese factory at Koningshoeven

  • The cheesefactory at the Koningshoeven BV is officially opened at 9-1-2015

Arrival of the first milk collection centres in Uganda

  • Arrival of the first milk-collection centres in Uganda.

    Today the first 20 of 100 milk collection centres arrived in Mbarara, Uganda.

Order of 100 milk collection centers for the UCCCU in Uganda

  • UCCCU a dairy cooperative in the south western part of Uganda is expanding its milk collection throughout the country.Scherjon has been..

continuous cheese production

  • Continuous processing techniques are made available for the smaller processing lines. SDH looks for opportunities to develop the same.

New developments in 2013

  • Scherjon finished its new design for the CIP-Set and pasteurizer. This will ensure the most up-to-date technology will be..

10-2013 Upgrade packages for the Cheese vat

  • Upgrade package's for the Cheese vat.

    Cheese vat:

    (1) New drive for the knives, A better hygienic design and less downtime during..

8-2013 New Workwear

  • All technicians of Scherjon got new workwear.