Equipment – 15.000 liters of milk per day.

Equipment – 15.000 liters of milk per day.

Equipment – 15.000 liters of milk per day

In recent months we have been busy behind the scenes with Cheese making equipment for a cheese factory that processes an average of 15.000 liters of milk per day. In this news item we will take you through this process so far.


Pre-press-vat and hot water buffer tank

What you see on the photos below is the pre-press-vat, a hot water buffer tank in production and the presses for a cheese factory in Holland: 'PolderGenot'. The curds from the cheese vat will be pumped in. By pressing, most of whey will be drained. After draining, the sturdy blocks can be cut to any desired lenght. In the background you see the platform and brine baths for our costumer 'De Terschellinger'.




Cleverly designed

The various components, which are cleverly designed, are put into use by various customers all around the world. Also you see construction of the Cheese presses for 'Poldergenot'and large electric motors are to be installed in our Cheese vats.

Special whey strainer

On the photo below you see a container where a special whey strainer is placed. Here the last curd and fines from the process can be removed and re-used after production, this to keep product losses as low as possible.



Innovation; ‘All in one’ Plug and play, Combined machines and piping:

  • Pasteurizer @ 6500L/H
  • Switchboard
  • CIP and processwater preparation set with internal piping
  • Boiler room

Space efficient, logical, Energy efficient, ergonomical, Low cost of ownership, fast commission times of comple cheese-lines, Tailor made for every situation


We are now further in the process. Keep an eye on our website for more updates about this projec.