New and improved cheese vat

Better techniques and new development have led to the production of a new and improved cheese vat. Scherjon is supplier of high quality dairy machinery and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our sophisticated range of dairy equipment.

High quality dairy machinery

We have improved the cheese vat in such way that it now has a better hygiene, better propulsion and a fault-tolerant design. Our cheese vats are designed for maximum output and usability and for the production of high quality cheese, curd and whey. The vat is suitable for the production of a wide arrange of cheeses. From hard varieties as Emmentaler and semi hard varieties like Gouda.

New developments

  • New whey discharge
  • Better propulsion
  • A fault-tolerant design
  • New controls 
  • Better hygiene
  • Better overall equipment effectiveness


  • Double-circle (“double-O”) tank with flat bottom
  • Heating/cooling system
  • Fixed installation, no need for tilting when emptying
  • Special milk inlet to avoid foam forming
  • Optional software
  • Available in different capacities

Our state of the art Cheese vat has already been taken in production. For several clients we installed new cheese vats with higher capacity including the latest techniques. All our cheese vats can be customized according to the individual specifications of each client. Interested? Please contact us.