Scherjon Dairy Equipment is unique

Are you curious about what makes Scherjon Dairy Equipment so unique? On this page you will learn more about Hielke and his view of the company in 2020. What makes him get out of bed every day for Scherjon? How does he see the future of Scherjon dairy equipment? And what makes Scherjon so unique?


Who is Hielke?

Hielke Scherjon founded Scherjon Dairy Eqyipment in 1992 and it has been officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce since 1994. Before Hielke undertook this, he worked for Tetra Pak Tebel for 15 years. All in all, Hielke has been in cheese equipment for 40 years. And he still likes this field a lot.


What has changed in 40 years?

In all those years Hielke has seen that Scherjon has grown from scratch to a company with its own product / products, which are delivered worldwide. In all those years, Hielke has also seen that cheese-making technology has actually remained the same. What has changed are the possibilities of design today (through drawing programs) and the flexible way of controlling the machines. This gives a lot of freedom with regard to new ways in the design and production of cheese equipment.


What makes working on and for Scherjon so much fun?

The question why Hielke likes to work for Scherjon is, of course, because he founded it. But above all, the urge for independence and the freedom to build your own machines, which is always a nice thing to do, according to Hielke. Working for Scherjon is and remains so much fun, because the company is internationally oriented and because Scherjon is in a “niche” market. The diversity of customers is very challenging. Sometimes you are with a private entrepreneur, other times with a group of farmers and / or a cooperative. And that in combination with different cultures and backgrounds. This international market, in which he finds himself together with his son Johannes, remains a challenge every time, which makes it fun.


And why is Scherjon Dairy Equipment so unique?

The title of this page says it all; Scherjon Dairy Equipment is unique. Hielke can of course highlight this like no other. Usually Scherjon supplies equipment to cheese factories, but there are more companies where Scherjon supplies their products, for example multinationals such as Tetra Pak and large companies that want to have a test factory. Scherjon's machines are "state of the art" and Scherjon is especially progressive in technical and technological terms. In addition, the "after sales" is very good! In other words, the unique selling points of Scherjon are:

       State of the art;

       technological advantage;

       after sales service;

       the extensive know-how we have for making semi hard cheese;

       extensive network we have of cheese makers, and research and development.


And the future of Scherjon?

Because in their view there are more and more independent cooperatives (private companies) and because existing companies are expanding, we look to the future with confidence. Also, we are always working to improve our product in technology and efficiency.