Tofu making equipment

Tofu making equipment

Tofu making equipment

Looking for Tofu making equipment?Contact us. As an expert in making and supplying cheese and milk equipment, we are learning and facilitate the process of making tofu. In the future we want to facilitate this process by supplying Tofu making equipment of high quality and made according to the latest technical innovations.

Why Tofu making equipment

The popularity of Tofu as a product has grown in recent years. With more and more consumers who want this product(as a meat substitute for example) and therefore more and more companies who want to sell this product, we see an interesting and important development here.

Tofu is also called soy cheese, because the production process can be compared to cheese making. That’s why we are currently working on this of Tofu making equipment. One of our goals is to focus more on this subject in the future.

Tofu making equipment: de processes

Tofu is made out of soybeans, which are soaked in water and powdered by watering. Like we said earlier, the process involved in making cheese is similar to the process of making Tofu.

  • The fibrous components (okara) are filtered out and the melds are boiled.
  • After filtering, the hot soy milk is pumped into a coagulation vessel. A coagulant, which is dissolved in water, is gradually added here.
  • Then it's filed and pressed in to perforated (cheese) moulds. As a result, excess whey is pressed out and a soft mass of curd remains. The amount of curd and the pressing time determine the properties of the tofu. Soft, normal, solid or extra-solid tofu can thus be produced. The softer the tofu, the lower the fat and protein content and the higher the moisture content.
  • After the tofu has cooled and rinsed and has become more solid, the tofu can be cut into pieces, flavoured and possibly further processed.
  • Finally, the hot tofu is cooled and packed and processed.

Contact us about Tofu making equipment in Holland

Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland is a reliable network company specialized in the design, development and production of equipment for the dairy industry. We are active on both local and international markets (Europe, Eastern Europe, Afrika). Are you interested in more information about Tofu equipment? Feel free to contact us for an informal conversation.