Gouda Gold Mozambique

About this project:

  • Where: Chimoio, Mozambique
  • Client: Gouda Gold
  • Producing: Cheese
  • URL:

Cheese factory

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Scherjon Equipment bv, together with Retzlaff Farm Pvt Ltd, from Zimbabwe and Evretz Lda a Mozambican company has construct ed a dairy factory in Chimoio in Mozambique, near the border with Zimbabwe.

The processing plant was opened by the President of Mozambique in May 2007. Development funds from PSOM contributed to the realization of the factory. The new business, produces both cheese and pasteurized milk. Products are being sold for 60% in Mozambique, primarily in the urban areas and through the holiday resorts along the coast and exported to South Africa and Zimbabwe. The project boosts small farmers and thus strengthen the local economy.

Delivered equipment:

1x Pasteurizer 3800Ltr
1x Cheese-vat 2200Ltr
1x Pre press vat A1
1x Manual cheese press
1x Brining equipment
Various equipment and piping

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