About this project:

  • Where: Winkel, NoordHolland, Netherlands
  • Client: Klaverkaas
  • Producing: Cheese
  • URL: www.klaverkaas.nl

Various cheese equipment

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Each and every prototype of Scherjon has been tested thoroughly at Klaverkaas.
25 years ago Hielke Scherjon met Piet Klaver of Klaverkaas. since then together they developed the cheese equipmen

'The services of Scherjon are perfect. When there is a failure Scherjon acts immediately. Even when its at night or in the weekends. Also spare-parts are always available

''For Klaverkaas Scherjon is the ideal partner in the development and supplying of custom made dairy equipment. By means of long cooperation.''

Piet Klaver from Klaverkaas:

''Hielke Scherjon and I have worked together for over a decade now. As a dairy specialist Hielke combines great technical skills with many years of practical experience. Each and every prototype of Scherjon has been tested thoroughly in my factory, providing valuable information and the chance to carry out improvements if necessary.''

Delivered equipment:

1x Pasteurizer 4000Ltr.
1x Pasteurizer 6000Ltr.
2x Cheese vat 2200Ltr.
1x Cheese vat 3300Ltr without RWD
1x Cheese vat 3300Ltr with RWD

1x Cheese vat 6000Ltr with RWD
3x Pre-Press-Vat A1 of different sizes
3x Automatic cheese press
2x Manual mould handling system
1x Automatic mould handling system
Various Equipment and piping


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