Zuivelhoeve Poldergenot

About this project:

  • Where: Rutten, Flevoland, The Netherlands
  • Client: Zuivelhoeve Poldergenot V.O.F.
  • Producing: Cheese
  • URL: http://www.poldergenot.nl

Various cheese equipment

Zuivelhoeve Poldergenot V.O.F.

About Poldergenot

We delivered a brand-new cheeseline with 2x3300 Cheesevat, together with a prepressvat. Also we delivered a cheese-milk pasteurizer, CIP, Processwater preparation, and boilerroom, which are all integrated in one skit. So maximum efficiency can be archieved during installation, and commisioning.

Project: Various cheese equipment

Where: Rutten, Flevoland, The Netherlands

Client: Kaasboerderij 'De Terschellinger'

Producing: Cheese

URL: http://www.poldergenot.nl


Delivered equipment

  • 2 x 3300 Cheesevat
  • Prepressvat
  • Cheese-milk pasteurizer
  • CIP
  • Processwater preparation
  • boilerroom
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