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Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland is part of a leading group of national partner companies serving consumer markets in different parts of the world. In order to deliver and ensure our customers high quality equipment and innovative technical solutions we work closely together with these well-established businesses.

Klaver Kaas

In 1995 the first cheese equipment manufactured by Hielke Scherjon was installed in the cheese factory at Klaver Kaas. From here a close partnership emerged. When engineering new equipment, lots of ideas are being discussed in terms of process efficiency. Each and every prototype of Scherjon has been tested thoroughly in Klaver Kaas’ factory. providing valuable data and the opportunity to carry out improvements where necessary.

Lasmotec Products BV

Lasmotec has years of experience in construction, overhaul and maintenance of various dairy equipment at home and abroad. For the construction of cheese-making equipment, we work closely together with Lasmotec. This is where all of our equipment is being manufactured. Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland takes care of the engineering, design, and after sales services. To ensure a smooth and efficient integration all the equipment is tested extensively in Lasmotec’s factory.

A & S Techniek

A&S Techniek, a company based in Bergum, is responsible for developing and building the sophisticated control units which are used to run our dairy equipment.

Laude Cheese Moulds

We work closely together with Laude, a producer of custom cheese moulds. Through our partnership, we can design our equipment to get maximum efficiency out of the cheese handling and forming.