Made in Holland!

Cheese country of the world

If there is one real cheese country in the world, it's the Netherlands. In fact, the Dutch are known as `cheese-head', who'd rather sell their cheese than eat it themselves. As the world's largest exporter of cheese, the abusive name of 'cheese-head' could be considered as an honorary nickname.


In Dutch, `cheese-head' is also another word for the mould in which the cheese is made. It is rumoured that in the Middle Ages farmers in North Holland used these wooden moulds as helmets and this is how the enemy could identify an army of `cheese-heads' approaching.


Nowadays Holland goes into the offensive with the cheese itself. In 1988 the Netherlands produced over 550 million kilos of cheese, of which 400 million kilos was exported primarily to other West European countries. But also in America and Japan, Dutch cheese finds a welcome market.