Scherjon Dairy Equipment is specialized in design, development and production of equipment for the dairy industry. With the partnership with Inndigo, will the Dutch Technology be promoted and help support the development of the dairy sector in Uganda and Rwanda.

Inndigo Uganda Limited

Inndigo (U) Limited is an agribusiness registered and incorporated in Uganda as a limited liability company on the 1st of October 2007. The company deals in the importation and sale of milk cooling tanks and dairy equipment to dairy sector holders in Uganda and Rwanda. In the past several years, Inndigo Uganda has partnered with dairy farmer cooperatives, processors, government ministries and Donor NGOs to develop dairy projects and support the supply of dairy equipment and accessories to the Ugandan dairy sector farmers and processors.

In March 2016, Inndigo Uganda entered into dealership agreements with three Dutch companies, namely; Mueller BV, Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland BV and Uniform Agri, with Inndigo becoming the official dealer and distributor of dairy equipment and technologies manufactured by the three Dutch companies in Uganda and Rwanda. In these partnerships, Inndigo will work with the 3 companies to promote Dutch technology and help support the development of the dairy sector in Uganda and Rwanda.

Scherjon in Africa

Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland a reliable company specialized in the design, development and production of equipment for the dairy industry. The company is active on both local and international markets. The customers are small and medium size companies that process between 1,000 and 100,000 litres of milk a day. Scherjon engineers, produce and deliver high quality equipment that ensure not only smooth operation and customer satisfaction for the future, but also a quick return on investment.

Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland B.V. is founded in 1995 by Hielke Scherjon, who has over 37 years’ experience in the cheese-making business. As a project leader for a major international company he has been responsible for project management, installing and commissioning machinery in dairy factories around the world. In close collaboration with customers and suppliers Hielke Scherjon has taken pride in providing the best possible cheese and dairy processing solutions.

Objectives of Scherjon and Inndigo in Africa

As an agribusiness company and dealer in Dutch dairy equipment and technologies in Uganda, Inndigo Uganda aims to;

  • Import and distribute dairy equipment and technologies from The Netherlands to the Ugandan and Rwandan dairy sector.
  • Stock new and used milk coolers, spare parts and farm milk handling accessories.
  • Provide consultancies in the management and operation of dairy enterprises.
  • Work with Dutch companies to innovate, develop and introduce technologies that are cost cutting, appropriate and are environmentally friendly, e.g. Solar powered and Biogas milk cooling systems etc.
  • Work with financial institutions to help farmers in accessing equipment loan and leasing facilities by introducing financing solutions such as the Rent to Own a milk cooler and smaller startup leasing packages for smallholder farming communities.

Inndigo consists of a youthful and vibrant team of 8 field technicians, one administration assistant, one finance and administrative manager, one sales person and a managing director. The company is owned by two directors, namely; Sam Sebadduka (Ugandan) and Hielke Scherjon (Dutch).

Do you want to know more about our services?


Our customers are small and medium sized companies who process between 2,000 and 100,000 liters of milk a day.


With the latest innovations, we maintain our leading position in both the local Dutch market and the international market.


We design and manufacture high quality dairy equipment to ensure streamlined operations and deliver a fast return on investment.


Through our long experience in milk processing equipment Scherjon is consulted to advise and support existing plants and new plants in development.