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Cheese processing

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands (Holland) is our home market. Specifically our cheese processing lines can be found in factories from our main cooperative as well as in farms where the local produced milk is transformed into cheese.


Germany is a country with high requirements for technical certification. Our equipment has been awarded the highest level; TUV Kiel certified our cheese processing products.


The French are known for their high quality food items with many varieties. Ribeaupierre, a well-known hard cheese type, is being processed through our processing line.


Belgium well known for their beer, uses our equipment for cheese type’s like the Rochefort. Throughout Belgium both in West and East Belgium our equipment can be found.

United Kingdom

Apart from complete cheese processing lines, the UK is  dominant when talking about individual machinery; specifically pasteurizing units.


Although Italy has a renowned industry for the fabrication of equipment; our pre-press-vats are way ahead and therefore well  accepted among dairy processors.


The local economy is on the doorstep of the acceptance of affluent products. The medium sized processing lines are a good step ahead, throughout Romania our equipment can be found. 


The main distributor of foods in the country replaces the import cheese by Macedonian products. The SDEH processing line is since 2007 in operation.

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