If you’re looking for a dairy equipment company in Europe, Scherjon Dairy Equipment is it. We’re specialized in the design, development and production of equipment for the dairy industry, specifically cheese. Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland has proven to be very successful in developing a sophisticated range of products that match the needs of customers worldwide.

Scherjon as a dairy Equipment manufacturer in Europe

We develop, engineer, produce and deliver high quality dairy equipment to ensure not only smooth operations, but also a quick return on investment.

Our customers are small and medium sized companies who process between 2,000 and 100,000 liters of milk a day.

We take pride in providing the best possible cheese and dairy processing solutions for our customers.

Experience as a Dairy Equipment Company

Hielke Scherjon has over 40 years experience in the cheese-making business. As a project leader for a major international company he has been responsible for project management, installing and commissioning machinery in dairy factories around the world. From 1995 Hielke started Scherjon Dairy Equipment. Cheese making equipment became the main focus. In close collaboration with customers and suppliers, Hielke has taken pride in providing the best possible cheese and dairy processing solutions.

In 2012 Hielke’s son, Johannes Scherjon became part of the company. As a product engineer he uses the latest technologies and 3D design software, to develop new sophisticated product ranges adhering to guidelines such as HACCP, GMP and EHEDG.

Do you want to know more about our services?
  • The Netherlands:The Netherlands (Holland) is our home market. Our cheese processing lines can be found in factories of medium sized cooperatives as well as in farms where local produced milk is transformed into cheese.
  • Germany: Germany has strict requirements for technical certification. Our equipment has been awarded the highest level; TUV Kiel has certified our cheese processing products.
  • France: The French are known for their high quality food products with many varieties. Ribeaupierre, a well-known hard cheese type, is being processed through our processing line.
  • Belgium: Belgium – well known for its beer – uses our equipment for cheeses such as Rochefort. Our equipment can be found throughout Belgium.
  • United Kingdom: Apart from complete cheese processing lines, the UK is dominant when talking about individual machinery; specifically pasteurizing units.
  • Italy: Italy has a renowned dairy equipment manufacturing industry. However, our pre-press-vats are way ahead in their development and therefore in demand among dairy processors.
  • Romania: The Romanian economy is maturing with increasing numbers of affluent consumers. Our equipment can be found throughout Romania.
  • Macedonia: The main food distributor in Macedonia moved away from importing cheese to using local produce. Scherjon’s processing line has been in operation in Macedonia since 2007.


Our customers are small and medium sized companies who process between 2,000 and 100,000 liters of milk a day.


With the latest innovations, we maintain our leading position in both the local Dutch market and the international market.


We design and manufacture high quality dairy equipment to ensure streamlined operations and deliver a fast return on investment.


Through our long experience in milk processing equipment Scherjon is consulted to advise and support existing plants and new plants in development.