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Maintenance and service

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Maintenance and service is of the utmost importance for our customers. Eastern European countries require a high level of service. Through various partners, including Tetrapak, with its well-spread local offices around the world, it is well equipped to deliver dairy equipment in Eastern Europe. We can also supply machines ourselves.

Dairy equipment for semi-hard cheese Eastern Europe

We can supply a cheese machine to make the world famous semi hard cheese: Gouda type. With our experience and knowledge we can help you with a quality machine. Here you can read which machines we can deliver.

Scherjon as a dairy company in Eastern Europe

If you are looking for a dairy equipment company in Eastern Europe, Scherjon Dairy Equipment BV. it is. We are a reliable network company in the Netherlands, specialized in design, development and production of equipment for the dairy industry, in particular cheese. Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland BV. has proven to be a very successful company, developing an advanced range of products that meets the needs of customers around the world. For example, we can deliver to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Dairy equipment high quality Eastern Europe

We design, produce and deliver high-quality equipment. The equipment not only ensures smooth operation and customer satisfaction for the future, but also a quick return on investment. Our customers are small and medium-sized companies that process between 1,000 and 100,000 liters of milk every day. In close cooperation with customers and suppliers, with 40 years of experience, we are proud to offer the best possible solutions for the processing of semi-hard cheese products.

Experience as a Dairy Equipment Company

Hielke Scherjon has more than 40 years of experience in the cheese industry in various positions. He was responsible for project management, installation and commissioning of machines in dairy factories around the world. Since 2012 his son Johannes Scherjon has been working as a product engineer in the company. He uses up-to-date 3D design software to develop a new advanced range of products and to use the latest technical advances in technology and guidelines such as HACCP, GMP, EHEDG etc.

Deliver dairy equipment in Eastern Europe

The equipment that we build and deliver is described in detail on this page. Below we mention a number of examples.

Cheese production:

Cheese vat

Manual pre-press vat

Cheese brining systems

CIP - Cleaning in place

Cheese pressing and mould handling

·        Manual cheese press

·        Automatic cheese press

·        Semi-automatic mould handling systems

·        Full-Automatic mould handling systems

·        Cheese mould cleaning equipment

          Cheese shelf cleaner

Milk pasteurization

·        Milk pasteurizers 500 - 12000 Liters per hour

Mobile milk pasteurization unit

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