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Scherjon Dairy Equipment observes the growth of farmstead business in the United States: America and in Canada. In the past Scherjon was invited to supply demoulding and mould handling equipment through Lauda in Canada.

Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland in America!

It is time now to start up our presence in the USA. One of the bigger farmstead operating a dairy production facility is looking for an automated cheese processing unit and got into contact with Scherjon. A couple of visits have been made and the first quatation for a semi-automated Dutch cheese processing line is made. The configuration will include a:

  • Pre-processing milk unit (storage tank, pasteuriser, CIP-unit) making the milk suitable to be processed into semi- and hard cheese formula’s. more >
  • The 2x curd-makers (Cheese vats) will be the next step, with a pre-press vat, a automated cheese press, , mould/lid cleaning tunnel, accifidation conveyor , brining, being the heart of the system. more >
  • A cheese handling unit will make the automated unit complete. more >


For Scherjon the USDA norms, to which the American version of the Scherjon approach will comply, is an important challenge.

Dairy Equipment America

“With our American client with Dutch roots we will enter the American market soon.”

More than 40 years of experience; we know what we’re doing.

With 40 years of experience we know what we’re doing. Scherjon was founded in 1995 by Hielke Scherjon. Hielke has been all over the world helping farmers set up cheese dairies as a project leader for a major international company. Hielke has over 40 years’ experience in project management, installing and commissioning machinery in dairy factories around the world. Therefore he knows best how to advise companies honestly and properly. Hielke ensures that your cheese factory gets off the ground and guarantees quality!

Scherjon’s second owner is Hielke’s son Johannes. Johannes has a technical background and knows absolutely everything about the latest technology regarding technical and product design. Using the newest technical advances in technology, and guidelines like HACCP, GMP, EHEDG, etc. With this experience, we can help you very well in custom design and build equipment. Johannes does not shy away from any challenge.

Qualitative Dairy Equipment in America with Scherjon

Are you curious about our expertise in cheese making equipment? We have of course gained a lot of experience in more than 30 years. We have been able to help many large companies all over the world. For example, we work (or have worked) in Africa, Eastern Europe and Europe. Our references page tells you all about it and introduces you to the different projects we have already realized. Here you can find the entire cheese line production of Scherjon, visualized in an infographic.

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements for dairy equipment in America or Canada. Can we help you? Then fill in our contact form. When you would like us to provide specific and detailed input, we advice you to use our questionnaire Dairy equipment


Our customers are small and medium sized companies who process between 2,000 and 100,000 liters of milk a day.


With the latest innovations, we maintain our leading position in both the local Dutch market and the international market.


We design and manufacture high quality dairy equipment to ensure streamlined operations and deliver a fast return on investment.


Through our long experience in milk processing equipment Scherjon is consulted to advise and support existing plants and new plants in development.