Mobile milk pasteurization unit

To meet our customers’ needs Scherjon Dairy Equipment developed a mobile milk processing container. The special engineered milk processing containers are made for remote areas, or where the infrastructure to collect the milk is a problem. All the equipment fits in a 40” container, and is ready to use after unloading. With these small pasteurizing units it is possible to increase the shell life and homogenize the milk. Lots of different packaging solutions are possible.


The newly developed milk processing installation can pasteurize, homogenize and pack 10.000 liters of raw milk daily ( 10 hours, or 20.000 in 3 shifts) in 20-liter containers. It’s a fully hygienic process plant that homogenises and pasteurises 1000L of raw milk per hour. It includes a milk collection system, a pasteurizer, homogeniser and a bag-in-box system. All equipment is implemented in a 40-foot container. This unique container plant will operate at the highest international standards and produce a top quality product.

Authorities support the production of pasteurized milk

In countries where milk is sold raw or processed into dairy products, the mobile milk processing container offers a solution. With this mobile milk processing container risks for public health can be reduced. For the industry and trade, pasteurization is a godsend, the milk can be traded much longer and over longer distances. A big plus of the milk processing installation is that milk processing is possible without utilities. The milk processing unit runs on a diesel generator (no part of delivery) .

Cheese and yoghurt processing

We develop different container plants for various product type, such as cheese and the production of yoghurt.