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We are a specialized company in dairy equipment Also for companies in Germany. At Scherjon we have 40 years of experience in cheese making and are internationally oriented. In recent years we have been able to help dozens of international companies with their specialist cheese production equipment. Everything is tailored to the volume of your company. We are specialized from A to Z and think along with you and the processes. No ready-made equipment, but tailor-made dairy equipment. From design to installation and after-sales service. That sets us apart from the rest.

Our equipment has been awarded the highest level

TUV Kiel has awarded our dairy equipment. Our equipment has been awarded the highest level. So you can rely on high quality dairy equipment at Scherjon. An example of a company in Germany that uses Scherjon’s dairy equipment is BAUERNKASEREI WOLTERS. This cheese farm has its own cows and processes its own milk, which is used to make cheese. Many cheeses from this cheese farm are sold in Berlin. We are obviously very excited about that. We have supplied:

  • Pasteurizer 3800 Liters
  • Cheese vat 2200 Liters
  • Pre-press vat A1
  • Manual cheese press
  • Brining equipment
  • Various equipment and piping

Cheese production machines in Germany

Scherjon dairy equipment and the team

Our product engineer Johannes knows everything about the latest developments in 3D design software and technology in cheese production. He goes through everything with you down to the smallest detail. Johannes knows everything about the processes and the technology. Hielke, the founder of Scherjon, has proven to be able to devise the best cheese production processes and solutions. So you are always in good hands.

Dairy equipment from Germany with high quality

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we have designed an extensive questionnaire, with which we can estimate what you need. If you fill this in, our specialists can then discuss details with you.

Curious about dairy equipment for Germany?

Are you curious about dairy equipment from Germany for your company? Do you have any questions about the possibilities? Or would you like advice on which equipment is best for your cheese dairy? Then fill out our comprehensive questionnaire. You can find these on our website. If you fill this in, we can give you as specific advice as possible. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Our customers are small and medium sized companies who process between 2,000 and 100,000 liters of milk a day.


With the latest innovations, we maintain our leading position in both the local Dutch market and the international market.


We design and manufacture high quality dairy equipment to ensure streamlined operations and deliver a fast return on investment.


Through our long experience in milk processing equipment Scherjon is consulted to advise and support existing plants and new plants in development.