CIP - Cleaning in place

Our CIP (cleaning-in-place) rinsing set, corporates computerised flow and volume control, which enables you to use this machine to its fullest potential.

The powerful CIP rinsing set of Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland consists of three compartments. The first one holds the process water (at a constant 72° C), the second the detergent water (at a constant 85° C) and the third the water for the final rinsing. Optional a fourth tank is available with water for disinfection. The CIP rinsing set may be inserted anywhere in the cheesemaking production line. It is possible to utilize the cleaning power of the CIP unit for other production lines, like milk-trucks and milking parlors. 

Cleaning In Place

The CIP (Cleaning In Place) is a fully automated system by which all the equipment, needed for processing the milk upon arrival in the storage tank up to the position where the curd is taken from the pre-press vat, is rinsed and cleaned. 

The CIP set consists of a set of tanks in which fresh water, rinsed water and detergents are being interchanged such that an optimal cleaning result will be achieved reducing the usage of detergents and as such minimizing the environmental impact.