Pre-press vat A1

Pre-press vat A1 for cheese vats up to 5000 Litres

Our cheese processor and pre-press vat form an unbeatable combination when it comes to efficiency and ease of use. To give an example, the cheese processor can be filled with fresh milk even while the pre-press is still in production. Before the curd leaves the pre-press vat it will be cut automatically to the dimensions you select. The weight of each block is determined with great accuracy, so all of them are virtually identical. The pre-press vat is equipped with a fully automated cleaning system. With Scherjon Dairy Equipments Holland the making of cheese changes into an effortless activity.

Production samples can be found on our download section of our website.


- Fully automatic process and CIP
- Excellent reproducibility
- Good weight accuracy
- Wide range of cheese types and sizes
- Optimum separation of batches